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When it rains it pours 1902 Philippine Colt

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Roscoe Coles:
Well, when it rains it pours. Over the last two weeks I received a 1892 rifle in 38-40, an H&R officers model that I bought a while back, bought an 1883 Artillery model issued to the 7th cav. in 1888 (needs a restoration), and tonight I did the deal on this 1902 Philippine Constabulary Colt double action.  I have been looking for a large frame double action colt (an 1878 or a 1902) for a while, but the prices have been on the rise and the cost was not  worth what was on offer.  But, this functional 1902 came up at a reasonable price so I snapped it up.  I need to stop looking at things for a while. 

Major 2:
" ....I need to stop looking at things for a while. "

you can try  :) , but as a card carrying , fully involved "Gunoholic"  I know it's a futile effort , something will come along and the
cycle will repeat itself ... ;)

Nice Colt  BTW

 :)  PLUS ONE for Major Two  ;)

As another card carrying sworn Gunoholic, I am well aware there is no cure.  And "Resistance is Futile . . . You Will Be Assimilated."   And sooner than later.

Avoid People
People are Hazardous to yer Health

PS:  Yepper.  Really nice Colt !!  ::)

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Roscoe Coles:
Yeah, I have a Pavlovian response to a cool old gun at a good price.  I just can’t help myself.  The problem is that I am also an old car guy, am constantly looking to upgrade/ad to my shop tools, the wife and son want to eat and have a house to live in, and I would like to retire someday….

Major 2:
Guns ,Cars and tools ?  Sir you are eat up with it  ;D


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