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Gentlemen,  Are Peacemaker Specialists still in business?  I haven't gotten a response to an e-mail so I was wondering.


 :'(  Niederlander   :'(

It is my understanding Eddie Jannis has passed away.  Not confirmed but something I had heard on the grapevine.  "Others" may know for certain.

Play Safe Out There

Blackpowder Burn:
If you need a tremendous Colt SAA gunsmith, contact Alan Harton at Single Action Services in Houston.  You can reach him at 713-907-6031 or 713-772-8314.  He's an absolute wizard with Colt SAA's.


Tascosa Joe:
Over on the Colt Forum (not CASCity) there was a thread a few months back the Eddie Janis did pass away.  His wife was going to continue the mail order business, but the gun smith services were to be discontinued.


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