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I hope to shoot it across the chronograph this week. The original cartridge gave about 600fps out of a derringer. I'm hoping this will be close.

I went to the range to try out my ONE shop made .41 rimfire short cartidge in the Colt 3rd model derringer. The little .32 rimfire short Remington ring trigger was brought along too for a comparison. The Remington had a fail to fire on one round. That turned out to be a dud .22 blank primer. No fault of the pistol.

Pretty neat.  I have a number 3 and two boxes of ammo.  One box of Remington and one of the Navy Arms stuff they made a few years ago.  Was going to shoot it until I found out how much that ammo is going for.  Right now the ejector on mine is broke and I have not been able to find one anywhere.  So I am trying to make one.


Good luck with the ejector. Fortunately, mine works quite well.

Since the last video I acquired 10 empty, once fired Navy Arms .41 rimfire short cases. I reprimed, reloaded and shot them a few days ago. Last night I reprimed and reloaded them again. Will try to get back to the range soon.

Here is a short video of me shooting the reloaded navy arms cartridges.

Looking forward to the Chrono data.  They seem to have a pretty good pop.  Despite all the BS you read about the .41 I sure as heck would not want to get shot with one.


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