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Is anyone playing with the little Colt 3rd or 4th model derringers? I picked up this .41 rimfire late 1870s 3rd model and have ordered reloadable .41 rimfire cases and bullets.

I also have this nickeled .22 short late 1950s 4th model. Its a fun little shooter.

Dave T:
Thirty years ago I had the "Lord & Lady" set from Colt, both 22s. Had fun playing with them and always wanted a 41 but no one made the re-loadable brass back then. Eventually sold the pair of 22s.


I'm not a machinist, just a home tinkerer. But just for fun, I tried my hand at making a reloadable .41 rimfire short case for the 1870s Colt 3rd model derringer. After machining the case, I drilled an offset chamber for the .22 blank used as a primer. I test fired it in the little Colt and it went BANG

Next up is to load it with black powder, a 126gr heel bullet and go to the range  ;D


Side by side with an original cartridge.

Dave T:

Since I don't have a lathe it's not like I can do anything like that, but I sure do admire anyone who can and try it.  Well done!

Now you have to give us a range report.  I'd say a good test range would be a bit more than the width of a card table. (smile)



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