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Looking For: Bullseye Ejector Rod Head

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Gentlemen, I prefer the bullseye ejector rod head to the crescent shaped one.  Anyone know where to get one?  S & S is out for now.

I'm thinking an Italian rod would probably fit fine? ...VTI, Cimarron, Taylors, EMF, DGW, etc.

Texas John Ringo:
Dixie Gun Works


Cimarron part # 164 model p old model 44/45. $27.50.  Complete rod, finished, fits everything I've put it in.

grey ghost 99:
Just ordered a  complete one from taylors, IIRC $18 
Don't forget there are 2 sizes depending on caliber 
44 & 45 are full diameter, gods caliber(38 wcf) and smaller use a stepped down in diameter rod


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