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Looking for a barrel.


Gentlemen, Anyone have a second generation 7 1/2" .45 barrel looking for a home?  (Just the barrel.)  Condition isn't a huge deal as long as the bore is nice.

I'm thinking Pietta barrels will fit 2nd gen, I'm sure someone can verify.  In case you can't find a Colt barrel.


 :)  Niederlander  ;)

I have in the past seen Second Generation barrels available at several Vintners and at some Distilleries.  Mostly Oak and some flamed on the inside for flavoring.

Oh . . . Wait.  Your wanting "PISTOL" Barrels.  My Bad.  No help there.  None at all.  Sorry for the confusion.  Although I do think the barrels from the Distillers are your best bet.  Make great table bases and such.  Still, not much help with your pistol barrel.  Sorry.  Please understand it's Friday, the last day of my weekend and I'm a little bored.  If you have gotten this far in this misbegotten missive, it's too late to escape.  You're already HERE!!

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