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38 long colt bullets

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Tuolumne Lawman:
Here's a link to the Oct 2020 Cowboy Chronicle My article  "The .38 Colt, The most underrated cartridge of the Old West" starts on page 34.  Lots of research went into it.  I have been thinking of selling the 1851 and Kirst Konverter (Cylinder, ejector rod and milled gate) in the article, as I am still a .45 Schofield guy.



 :)  Hey Lawman  ;)

Have you removed the throats from the Kirst Cylinder ???  If not, and you decide to sell the 7 1/2 inch gun I just might be interested.  Heck, I might be interested in the short barrel one as well. 

Might I have "First Refusal??"

Play Safe Our There

Major 2:

--- Quote from: Baltimore Ed on June 08, 2021, 12:46:43 PM ---Thanks John, thats the beauty of being a WASA club is we shoot dedicated DA matches a couple times a year but have the option to shoot DAs or self loaders at any just about any monthly match. I sometimes shoot a DA and a 1911 at matches that are just a generic cowboy match. This month is a cowboy match so I’m going to carry two Webleys but shoot them single action.

Major deux,  Might be a possibility. A 5 hour drive each way is a long haul for this old butt so I’d want to spend a night there and then shoot. Are Webleys and Marlin pumps NCOWS legal?

--- End quote ---

That is my MO as well, I travel up the day before and usually stay a the Country Hearth Inn  Cayce which is close to the range.
It gets about a C rating though , but better accommodations are further and more costly  ::)

Webley revolvers . MK1, MK2, MK4, MK5 are approved ....the MVI  (Mk6) is not 

As to your Marlin ... that is a bit gray area , its not on the Approved list, Nor is it Disapproved
It would be up to the sitting Judge....
However, it has to be of a pre 1898 design and there may lie the problem , SASS has outlawed them as potential dangerous.

I personally shoot Working Cowboy, and don't use a Shotgun, But when I did it was an SXS of either flavor ( Hammered & Hammerless ) mostly Mule eared hammers though....

Sorry for any highjack  ;)


Tuolumne Lawman:
CM. It is bored .375" straight through for heeled bullets.  I'll PM you.


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