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where can parts be had for 3rd gen b/p revolvers (Sig Series) or witch is the best place to get from? Bob

St. George:
VTI - they're Ubertis, after all.

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 :)  M T Bob   ;)

PLUS ONE too St. George.

YEP.  Tiz true.  The second and third "generation" of "Colt" BP guns were built from Uberti parts.  Best selection would probably be from VTI Gunparts.  You can also source Uberti parts from Taylors & Co. as well as Cimarron F.A.

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thanks guys, will do..One other question regarding 2nd and 3rd Gen Colt's is will original parts fit them and how close to original Colt percussion are these cap n ball revolvers? Bob



Fairly close.  Sort of.  Maybe.  Cap-N-Ball, an overseas contributor once mentioned he installed an original 1851 Colt Barrel assembly on a Uberti, and on a 2d Gen Uberti/Colt.  I never really had opportunity nor reason to check the fit of Nipples nor internal Lock Works.  Can't comment there.  Springs will interchange.  Beyond those items, yer on yer own  :D

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