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Turn of the Century Colts?

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I am a big fan of "turn of the previous Century", Colts.  My grand Father's Colt is from 1911.  I have a few I really enjoy.  Anyone else into shooting the older Colts?

1904 FSS

1901 38wcf

I've posted these before.  The 7 1/2" 45 Colt is a 1901 model and left the factory as a 4 3/4" 38-40.  It would be wild if this was part of a matched pair with yours!  (s/n is 2110xx).  I've put almost 2900 rounds through it, mostly at CAS matches.  Not really sure how well it groups.  :)  But a lot of clean matches (a lot easier today than it used to be).

The long-flute 32-20 from 1915 belongs to my brother, but he has never shot it.  I've put over 1000 rounds through it.

I shoot the two together about once a year now, and the .45 will get shot at least once more with a Cimarron antique model that looks the same.

Yahoody, the top one appears to be ivory.  What is the second one?  Looks good.  What does "FSS" mean?  I know it's not Factory Short Stroke.  :D


Frontier Six Shooter,  aka 44 WCF from Colt.

Yes it is ivory.   Bone on the other.



My 1905 Bisley in .38WCF, still shoots nice!

@yahoody, what loads are you firing in your 1904 FSS ?


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