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Custer 3rd gen cap n ball

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hi Guys,
just want to run this by the experts..I have an opportunity to buy a lightly used Custer model with US holster, belt and cartridge box for $475...thoughts?

sorry, no pics because of my flip phone

Major 2:
What you have there is a commemorative , it is a gun commissioned by Lou Imperato in Brooklin NY.
He was the same fellow the headed the Iver Johnson produced 2nd Gen Colt BP series. under Colt license.
When the 2nd Gen.s run ended, Imperato struck out with so called 3rd gen Signature series.

Basically, Uberti's  The price is the high side of fair for a used 3 Gen. but that said a New Uberti list about $375, add in the leather if its good quality , maybe ... but used I'd be inclined to dicker the price lower.
A Second Gen BP  series Colt will letter , a 3rd Gen will not , the Custer commemorative does not really add a premium to shooters,  maybe if it was new in presentation box it would.
  I think with good leather $400-425 used is tops ...but then that's me

The late Lou Imperato and his son later formed Henry Repeating Arms and Anthony runs the company today

something else to consider, currently Uberti 1860 Army's are out of stock. due to Italy in covid lockdown, I would not be surprised to see retail go up post pandemic


thanks Major, i think 425 sounds better and i will get a chance to look at it later this week and will report....Bob

Major 2:
US made holster, belt and cartridge box in good quality  (  not Pakistani  )

Is a nice plus ....


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