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It followed me home...honest!

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Brought this beauty home yesterday. Uberti with a 24" octagon Barrel. Just flat out purty!

Let me guess...44wcf?   :)

This one is in .45 Colt, I have another  in .44WCF, looking for a good used >44 revolver right now so I have another CAS set up so I can stretch ammo a bit longer.

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Well, then you needed a 45 Colt version as well!  What will you feed it?  I have other calibers for BP, so my .45 rifle is smokeless only (mostly is my Wild Bunch gun).

If your .44 is also 24" then you better be careful that you bring the right rifle/ammo combination to a match.   :)

The .44-40 is a 20" and has the "weathered" finish, so hopefully I can tell em apart!


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