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Hunting With A Colt Lightning 50 Express

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I bought this Colt last year and wanted to get my moose with it this fall, but that didn't happen. I did take it hunting for a doe whitetail deer and sneaked up within 100 yards and got here with a well placed 300 grain 50 caliber bullet. The old gun still can and does take game. Who knows what else it shot in it's previous years...

King Medallion:
So very cool! Congrates! It's a shame all your other hunting pic's have disappeared, I really enjoyed looking at them.

dusty texian:
Way to Go Shrapnel , Cool gun and even better that you hunt it .,,,DT

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--- Quote from: shrapnel on December 16, 2020, 02:12:18 PM ---
...Who knows what else it shot in it's previous years....

--- End quote ---

Really!  Tiger(s) is a real possibility!





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