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New rifle coming!

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Tuolumne Lawman:
Oh My! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Picked it up today.  It does have the staple and saddle ring, BTW. 

Compared to my 1860 Henry, it is so light and handy, I can see why they were still made even after the 1873 was introduced.  Action is smooth for a Uberti, BUT has a fairly heavy trigger.  I really need to work on that after I do the "factory stock" condition review for the article. 

Really glad I waited and got it in 44 WCF, instead of .45 Colt. It will handle Trple Seven loads that replicate the original .44 WCF round (1350 fps for 200 grain bullet...) which killed its share of game.

Working on installing a door and building a wall today, so will take some picks tomorrow.  I'll even get a chance to use it at the local CAS match on Saturday!

Will await photos!

Tuolumne Lawman:
Here she is with my engraved Kirst 1860 Saber River conversion.

This thing is so much lighter, handier, and shorter than the venerable 1860 Henry.  I can see why it was so wildly popular with cowboys, lawman, bandits, ranchers, and Native Americans on the Frontier.  Either use a leather thong around the saddle horn, or quickly remove from a saddle scabbard, it would be much easier to deploy than the Henry. Maybe the Henry would have an edge for defending the farm or homestead, but if you had to tote it or use it on horseback, the 1866 Carbine would be the king.

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 :D  SWEET!!   ;)

Brass rifles ROCK   ;D

Tuolumne Lawman:
Had a chance to use it at the local SASS match yesterday.  Two minor issues:  The trigger pull was over 9 pounds, and it printed a little low at 25 yards, and three inches right. 

The sight is an easy fix: I drifted the rear sight left and got it centered between stages, and used a high dead on hold until I can file the sight. That got it on target.

While 9 pounds would not matter at traditional, modern day SASS matches with 24"x24" targets at 10 yards, but our club shoots clay pigeons and pop bottles on the 25 yard berm for rifle targets! (a local anti-gun bunny but kisser group got a court order to stop us from shooting steel targets. because we were poisoning the world!).   The 9+ pound trigger made it difficult to make clean hits on small targets at range.

After the match, I took it home and fixed the heavy trigger pull. Fortunately the Uberti 1866 and 1860 Henry rifles are very easy to lighten the trigger pull.  With the weapon empty and action open, turn the rifle upside down and remove the exterior trigger spring screw and spring.  The trigger moves freely, so push out the trigger retaining pin, and remove the trigger.  On this sample, the top “sear” end of the trigger was very pointed, causing it to engage the sear notch in the hammer too deeply, making the trigger pull heavier than necessary, IMHO.  I stoned the sear end of the trigger with a fine knife sharpening wet stone, and ever so slightly flattened the deep point.  After several tries, the trigger pull was reduced to about 4 pounds and much smoother. DO NOT HURRY and do not take off too much.

I started a draft of the CC article, and included the info about the heavy trigger pull and how to fix it in the draft.

Next I need to see how it does on paper sand trim the front sight to bring POI up to 2" above POA at 25 yards.


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