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cpt dan blodgett:

--- Quote from: Speedballalice on July 24, 2020, 08:09:23 AM ---What I'm hearing is that you are using a 6 o'clock hold whereas I am using dead on aim. I will use the formula and see what I come up with. Thank you.

--- End quote ---

6 O'clock hold gives a more precise aiming point for Iron sights. I always use that hold to zero then switch to center hold for shooting SASS targets generally want my guns to shoot to point of aim vs getting them to hit center of bull while holding at 6 o'clock.  Having said that when I shoot high power matches I do zero and adjust sights to hit center of bull with a 6 o'clock hold as the 6 hold is a more precise aiming point.

When I qualified for my texas concealed carry permit on needed to actually shoot a target at various ranges.  A good friend who was an instructor for CCW suggested shooting the first round at the target then aim for that shots hole for all subsequent rounds again for a more precise aiming point.  This assumes you shot a good shot with first round and hit target where you wanted.

Professor Marvel:

--- Quote from: Tuolumne Lawman on August 09, 2020, 09:32:42 PM ---Henry Repeating Arms claims their brass alloy used in the New Original Henry has the same tensile strength as steel. 

--- End quote ---

Sorry for the late ( by many moons) reply...

I did in fact investigate the alloy used by the Henry Repeating Arms Co, and I can verify that it is
a very fine quality Gun Bronze with tensile strength ( and other delightful properties) equal to or exceeding that of
commonly used gun steels.!   It will stand up to any loads that a steel toggle link can handle.

Unlike our Italian replicas, which only use common red brass :-(

prof mumbles


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