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1989 EMF A.S.M. Hartford CT Model

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Howdy everyone.  Jerry in Wisconsin.  Wanted to stop in and get some input on a revolver I just picked up.

It's a 1989 made per letter code. A.S.M. made Hartford Ct. Model 1873 Cavalry.

Bought from original owner who said he never fired it. Bought it because it was a clone of a gen 1 1873.

I'm curious if there is truth in this and if so will parts interchange for the most part. And curious on what you guys think about these early A.S.M. guns.

Should I just set it aside and preserve it or just shoot it. From reading some are looking for these and others say pass on them. Too me it's a very nicely done example of an 1873 black powder frame 1873.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

More pics

Howdy Enfield.  I don't have much experience with the older ASM guns but have heard at various times that they were very good.  Their Quality went to heck towards the end of the '90's.  I would say by all means shoot it, it will never have any collector value.

I don't know what parts might fit (Colt / Uberti / Pietta), but there is usually some fitting involved anyway.  Bolts and hands might be hard to find, but with a new gun you are not too likely to be wearing those out any time soon, if at all.  Hand and trigger/bolt springs are the most likely to fail, and those are fairly universal.


sack peterson:
ASM's spectacular blow up over 2000-04 is when most of their bad guns hit the market.  There are some dogs from before that, but those 90's EMF Hartford's were generally pretty good.

It is dimensionally a Colt gen 1/2 blueprint gun.  You can put Colt parts on an ASM.  I think the word "interchange" suggests they'll drop in and work, which is not totally reliably the case.  But yes, all the little things that could break... trigger, cylinder bolt, sear spring, hand, main spring.... you can get Colt parts to work pretty easy.

Dave T:
Shoot it, preferably with black powder. (smile)



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