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I'll ramble on with my experience for what it's worth. My bore slugs at .513. I have shot .512's and .513's, both were accurate, but I have to do more shooting to see just how accurate those bullet sizes are. I load with 2ff black powder, loaded through a 30" drop tube allowing for probably 1/10" compression. I use 20 to 1 lead.  Using real BP and soft alloy your bullet is going to punch up and fill the grooves.
Also,  I'm loading for two old marlins in .40 caliber. Both of the barrels measure .410 grooves, one gun will only except a .406 bullet and the other will only take a .408. I thought I was screwed.  :'(  BUT, with soft alloy bullets and using a full load of 2ff black powder they both shoot very accurately. It's the combo of BP and soft alloy that makes it work. I'm think of casting for all of my guns with 30 to 1 in the future to see how it works. Even softer may be even better.
 And that's all I got to say about that. :P

Thanks to everyone for pitching in! I hope I haven’t exhausted everyone’s patience, because I wanna pick at this scab again. King I think you have one of these Presidios…I have slugged my Presidio again, and it seems to be really big, as in 0.5187…I slugged it by using a heavily padded hammer to push a 54 cal hornady ball into the bore. Once it was started I switched to a wooden dowel to ease it down the bore till it free fell onto a bunch of towel lint in the carrier.  Payday the 22 I swear I’m going to harbor freight for decent calipers BUT what I have closes at 16.6 over 32…..it’s not gonna get any smaller unless I dig it into the slug. The approximation is  0.51875…what I’m hoping for is for King or other Presidio shooters to tell me what they got…PROMISE I’ll get decent calipers on the 22nd!

King Medallion:
Mine is .513. I doubt yours is .518, Uberti barrels are purty good barrels, but I spose it's possible.

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Shoot black powder and 20 to 1 or 30 to 1. The bullet will punch right up into the grooves.

Drummer Boy here, pounding away..
On my endless quest for more knowledge I looked at the CIP tables just now to see how that organization rates the 50-95 and the 45-70, for obvious reasons..
50-95 Win
Pmax is 2100 bar or 30,457.9 psi
Proofs at 2625 bar
Energy is 5000 Joule or 3687.8 ft lbs

45-70 govt
Pmax is 2200 bar or 31,908.3 psi
Proofs at 2750 bar
Energy is 3414 Joule or 2518 ft lb

It’s my understanding that Uberti has to meet or exceed these standards at their proof house for their firearms

I have some questions, like what kind of projectile, if any, was used…I probably overlooked that, among other important stuff..
But unless I err egregiously the data shows me how much stronger the 86 action might be…


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