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Load Data for the 40/60

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dusty texian:
One of my 1876 Winchester 40-60 wcf rifles has a re-lined barrel . It slugs @ .405 groove and a ROT of 1 in 22". This ROT is forgiving or handles the heavier bullets and is still accurate with the original 210 Gr. at slower speeds . Now the others with the original bore and ROT of   1 in 40" like the faster speed of 1500 fps. or more the better ! My 26 " Oct barrel 40-60 wcf is a very accurate old rifle using Bp. loads but fouls out very fast ( with a great bore ) but if fouling is controlled it can print pretty small groups for a 136 + yr. old rifle and iron sights .  I ran a few groups using a heavily compressed charge of  61 Gr. fffg and card wad over powder with the 210 Original bullet and SPG lube . Those loads would shoot better than I can hold , but the fouling was as bad as I have seen in the old 40 Cal. Was a hoot to shoot with that CRACK SOUND ! ,,,,, DT

  Dec.-22-23, last trip to the range w/ 40-60.

   Now using IMR 4198 (No more H 4198) 22.8 w/.5 Dacron filler & testing w/ WLR primers.
   Brass (Starline, 45-70 resized) @ 1.885, OAL 2.270
   Lyman 403168 PC'd @ .215gn.
   Average fps. 1470
   50yds., using 5 shot groups, 3in one hole, next 2 out 1", shooting @ 3 1/2" target.

      Because i'm now using IMR 4198 i started low and will work up. the IMR & WLRP seems to shoot a might hotter, than H powder & FLRP. More later.

    coffee's ready,  Hootmix

Howdy Slamfire, DrummerBoy here,
Uhh well…I could have sworn I saw a 40-60 die set on the 4D CH website but now I can’t seem to find any….have I got myself into a rifle I can’t shoot?? Or am I not using the 4D site right? Any help….


I founded it….
Dee Bee

All or None,
Here is another fit of head scratching cause I want to know more:
I’m putting this on 40/60 because “Lever Guns of the Old West” shows 40 caliber BP loads for 1876, 1886 and 1895 guns:
40-60: 57.0 gr of Cartridge for 1467 fps w/215 projo
40-65: 58.0 gr of Cartridge for 1356 fps w/246 projo
40-82: 78.0 gr of Cartridge for 1470 fps w/280 projo
40-72: 70.0 gr of Cartridge for 1516 fps w/280 projo
Not a significant difference for three significantly different action designs
The 1876 is not exactly out of the running in this selection…
NOW: the new Lyman manual says this about actions:
1873 should be limited to 13,700 psi on the 44-40 page
1886 should be limited to  26,900 psi on 2nd 45-70 page
1892 should be limited to 22,000 psi on the 44-40 page
1895 is good for 44,000 on the 405 page
But the 44 magnum pistol page lists pressures of 36,000 psi
And there are versions of both the ‘92 and the ‘73…
I’ve read on this site of Uberti limits of 28,000 for the 1876
Lots of apples and oranges here to be sure, but what all this is getting at for me is a suspicion that pure d strength might not have been the overriding design criteria:
Lyman doesn’t put a lot of faith in any lever action.
Could have been only the desire to accommodate longer cartridges and spiitzer projectiles…..
Y’all please set me straight… :-\


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