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Red Gauntlet:
No. 58, checkin' in....

Zip Wyatt:

I'm glad you were able to do this and a big thank you to the Marshall.  I don't see myself on the roster - I think I'm suppose to be number 98? 

]Zip Wyatt

Old Top:

#109 here and thank the marshal for us

Old Top


Malachi Thorne:
Good Afternoon, Joss;

BOSS #98, Bvt. Capt. Malachi Thorne, US Marine Detachment, Department of the Pacific, reporting as ordered.

Thank you and the Marshal for your efforts in resurecting the BOSS!

I have the honor to remain,

Your Obedient Servant,

Bvt. Capt. Malachi Thorne

Wrangler Rich:
# 56 Present and accounted for BOSS Boss. ;)

Big Thanks to Marshal Halloway too!!!! ;D


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