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Guess I should now sign up, having recently acquired a "semi-correct" Uberti Russian model to go with my North West Mounted Police impression ...

When the Force was first formed in 1873, the latest model Adams military service revolver was ordered from the United Kingdom, but an apparently unscrupulous War Department contractor shipped poorly-packed and obsolete First Model Adams revolvers (converted to metallic cartridge from percussion) many of which were damaged and unserviceable upon arrival.  To help fill the gap until the correct Third Model Adams revolvers were received from Britain, the NWMP acquired thirty S&W Russian Model revolvers.

Illustration from Arms & Accoutrements of the Mounted Police, 1873-1973 -

My Uberti, with the NWMP pattern holster I have made for it.  (I am working on getting more appropriate wood grips.) -

(Note that I referred to my Uberti as "semi-correct", since it has the too-short ejector housing they put on some of their Russian Models ...)

St. George:
Reno - 231

PlowboysGhost - 232

Rattlesnake Jack - 233

Welcome all.

Scouts Out!

Big Bear Lowe:
#214 Bigbear Lowe checkin’ in!


Requesting a sign up! A pair of Uberti Schofields and a S&W .38 from 1885!


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