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Hoof Hearted:
I feel that we are missing the "boat" by not having a forum for SAA Italian Clones. :-\

Other than gunsmithing questions under that forum the other revolver specfic forums actually frown about posting  concerning these pistolas.....and there are probably more of these in the hands of Cowboy shooters than any other type! When "Frontier Iron" was started I had high hopes that they would be included......but nope! The USFA members don't want 'em! The COLT group would lynch us for being on there :o And so on...........

So how about it Ol Marshall?


Please post on this thread like it's a poll with a yay or nay.........

Marshal Deadwood:
I'd vote YES.


Shotgun Franklin:
I don't see why not?
I have both Colt's and Clones, or replicas.
To be truthful, I carry or shoot my Colt's in fair weather or when I know they'll stay safe.
I carry and shoot my replicas when I think they will be subject to some abuse.
The difference being value. My Colt's shoot good as do my replicas.
I'm very sure I use replicas 10x more than the Colt's.


I vote yes!

Even though I new here, I vote YES also!  I have an original Colt and as mentioned above, it's not shot alot. Now as far as the replicas, I ride them hard and many times put them to bed dirty :o.


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