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A Colt Forum... WOW!


Danny Bear Claw:
Those of us who own some Colts are going to enjoy this one!  I own a second gen. SAA made around '64.  A Trooper MK-V in 357 magnum.  A circa 1928 Police Positive in 38 special and my recently purchased SASS Colt in 38-40.
Hooray for Colt!   8)

Old Doc:
I'm with you, Danny. Don't know why it too so long to have a Colt section.

St. George:
Don't care - it's here now, and that's that.

Enjoy the fact, and contribute knowledge where you can, and don't forget to give references.


Scouts Out!


Crow Choker:
Ya, I'll second the "Wow"! I started viewing Cas City Forum in Jan of 2009 (joined this last Feb) and always wondered why there was not a seperate Colt section. It seems if you read and study the history  of handguns, those being manufacturered, sold and used today and to those of the past, they owe much to Sam Colt and the Colt name, hence Colt firearms deserve a seperate section-all to themselves. Thanks for bringing it to past.

Harley Starr:
High time we had our own forum!  8)
Hi-Yo! :D


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