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Colts!!! Let's Talk Colts.

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Appalachian Ed:
I love REAL Colts!!! Here are a few for Yall to Peruse..... ;D ;D


Appalachian Ed:
A few More Pics... ;D ;D ;D


Charlie Bison:
Beautiful Colts, tell me more about that Birdshead. Did Colt make it like that? Is it a 3rd gen?


St. George:
To the best of my knowledge - and a call to the Custom Shop - Colt doesn't make a birdshead grip for the Single Action Army.


Scouts Out!

Shotgun Franklin:
Grip frames are easy enough to change out

As for me guns, I will not own a gun I can't shoot and if I'm gonna shoot it I ought to set it up like I want it.


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