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Shucks, I guess there's no turning back now!


I got my new Ruger Old Armies on the range today. I haven't got the permits yet, but the club armourer bought them along. They worked fine, even though the balls I were using were a bit slim (454s, all I had). There was some junior shooters trying IPSC and they had a shot as well, they were stoked! One young lady was outside and came in and I offered her a shot, she turned her nose up at it and her mates ragged her a bit so she reluctantly came over. Fired her first shot and lit up like a Christmas tree! All smiles and wide eyes. Her comment? 'That's so cool!' She blatted off the rest of the cylinder and was talking excitedly to her mates at 100mph! A good day all told. I came home and we got into the garden for a few hours while it was cool, boy, I won't need any rocking tonight!

I was going to take some pics, but my mate the armourer's daughter had them packed up before I could arrange it. Next time!

Danny Bear Claw:
Time on the range...  making a new convert...  time with family and friends.  Sounds like a perfect day to me!   ;)

That is what it is really all about. I try ta make every day at the range like that.  ;D WM



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