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River City John:

                                  Capture of the C.S.S. Ida

     The C.S.S. Ida, a small sidewheel steamer, operated in conjunction with Commodore Tattnall’s squadron in the Savannah River. She served as a transport, dispatch, and tow boat from 1862 until December 10, 1864, when, during the Union attack on Savannah, she was captured by a party of foragers and cavalrymen under Captain Gildersleeve, USA, and burned near Argyle Island.

                                              The Scenario

                     Ammo needed: REVOLVER - 5 rounds, (1 reload on person). Loaded with
                                                                         hammer down on empty chamber, in holster.
                                                                        (Percussion - 6 charged but 5 chambers capped)                                                                                                 
                                              6 LBR. SHELL - In hand

      To signal ready: “LET’S JOIN THE NAVY, BOYS!”

     At the buzzer, take match and light fuse on 6 Lbr. Shell. With shell in hand, step over the gunwale and drop shell down hatch.  Draw pistol, reload (cap) sixth round and shoot the crew of the deck gun in this order: center, inside right, inside left, outside right, outside left. With sixth round shoot the Pilot in the steering house. Reholster empty revolver. Proceed to unloading table.

Stake a 1"X8" length of board upright to act as gunwale.
I used a couple of old wooden croquet balls painted black and drilled a 1' deep  1/8" hole for the fuse. Fuse is available from Cabelas, Dixie Gun Works, and some local gun dealers. Comes in 25' rolls and we cut about 7" legths, enough to give a burn time of a bit longer than 15 seconds. Be sure to tell your shooters to light fuse while hilding away from body, not while holding upright, as it drops hot ash. Each shooter got two kitchen 'Strike Anywhere' matches.
Originally I planned to have the shooter discharge 5 rounds while holding the burning shell BEFORE dropping down the hatch. Hopefully before you blew yourself up. But not everyone was comfortable shooting duelist, so it was changed to dropping bomb first, drawing revolver and reloading one round, then shooting however the shooter felt comfortable. (I still like the original way. Gets that old adreneline running. ;D)

This could also be altered to represent the infamous Pinkerton bombing of the James farmhouse that killed poor little Archie.

Or as a side-match.



Camille Eonich:
A list of some sweeps.

Sgt. Eli:
NITRO MULEYou’ve just loaded the last of the nitro to the pack on your ol’ jackass, Dammit,  when the Swill Brothers and their cousins, the McInbreds, ride up and begin whoopin’,  cussin’ and shootin’……… frightening Ol’ Dammit. You better stop them before they blow your ass up.   


 NITRO MULE                 DYNAMITE CRATE                 DYNAMITE CRATE                                                         

Guns and ammunition:
2 Pistols~10 rounds. 5 rounds in each pistol. Hammers down on empty chambers. Re-holster pistols as required by category at end of pistol sequence.
1Rifle~10 rounds. Hammer down on empty chamber. Make safe at end of rifle sequence.
1 Shotgun~4+ rounds from the body, no staged rounds. Shotgun, open and empty. Make safe at end of shotgun sequence.

Starting Position: Shooter starts facing Ol’ Dammit the Nitro Mule with a hand on each nitro box. Pistols holstered, rifle staged at left dynamite crate, shotgun staged at right dynamite crate.

1 Shooter signals the RO they are ready by saying “Are you loco, this is nitro!” RO will then give a standby followed by the beep.
2.Pistol order, 1-2-2-3-3~3-4-4-4-4.
3.Rifle order, 1-2-2-3-3-3-4-4-4-4.
4.Shotgun, 4 knockdowns in any order.
5.Scenario complete, move to the unloading table.


These were realy great!  Got anymore?

Fingers McGee:
I'm in the process of formating all the Central Ozarks Western Shooters stages so the webmaster can put them on our web site.  Eventually, there will be stages from 2000 through the present  Right now, there are only a few from 2002 there; but 2006, 2007, and 2008 should be there soon.

The web site is




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