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Mean Bob Mean:
The Davis Tutt Experience:

An homage to the famous Hickock Davis Tutt duel over a watch Hickock lost in a poker game. 

Pistol Only

2 pistols, ten rounds

5 targets at 75 yards.  Pin two items on each target--one a cloth or paper heart (or as a nod to poker being the cause, one regular poker card), the other a cloth/paper circle representing a watch. 

To signal readiness, the shooter calls out "I'm right here Dave."  Two shots at each heart target--any shots striking the watch will result in a penalty.

Lots of ways to produce variations of this theme if you want increased action, e.g., targets at closer range for the shotgun then targets at 50 yards for pistol and 75 yards for the rifle, etc.).  Also, this would make a nice sidematch at an event.

Have you ever made a scenario based on the Sheriff Perry Owens shootout in the Pleasant Valley war?  Has to be something nice there to work with, serving papers on a criminal, shooting into a cabin, etc.  Cheers mate.

Mustang Gregg:
On the image in the first post, it looks like a far reach to grab the scattergun, if you do all the shooting from the tub.  Safety issue?  
If you have to exit the tub to shoot the shotgun, that's a safety issue possibly.

Johnny McCrae:
Attached is a PDF file of a Stage we shot at the Bristol Plains Pistoleros September 2013 Match. Also attached is a PDF file of the target layout.


Peddler Parsons:
Here is one for the holidays
 10 pistol, 10 rifle, 4 SG
Setup - 2 shotgun targets on the left side and 2 shotgun targets on the right side;
in the center is a hanging rack with 3 rows of targets  the top row is a red, green, red
second row 2 green targets, row three is 3 green targets (forms a tree) [our rack is set up with five hooks on each row with a 3 inch space between the three targets]
When ready say - Marry Christmas
 AB engage 2 left targets, move to center with sg make safe; engage the greeen targets in three sweeps starting from the top with 18 rounds; top, middle, bottom, top, middle, bottom, top, middle, bottom, and the last 2 rounds -one on each red target, (shooters choise witch gun to use first rifle or pistol) make safe, move to right end with sg and engage 2 sg targets  end with HO! HO! HO!

Shotgun Franklin:
KISS If it takes longer to explain than shoot it needs to be revised. If it has different sweeps for different guns it needs to be revised. This is a shooting/action game not a memory test.


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