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The Passing of Navajo John


Boston John Doucette:
The Passing of Navajo John

The telegram was waiting when I rode into Cheyenne:
“Navajo John is dying STOP... Come as quick as you can...”
My horse was getting tired but I knew that I could push her,
So immediately we began to trek the hundred miles to Denver.

I passed hours in the saddle by remembering the man
Who’d taught a ragtag orphaned boy the secrets of the land.
Two and a half days later I rode up to the home
Of the old man who’d adopted me, and the family I’d known.

I wasn’t prepared for the fellow I saw as Maggie drew me inside...
He looked so small and fragile underneath the buffalo hide;
The image flashed of a brawny man hunting elk and deer and bear,
But disappeared when I met his eyes and the pain reflected there.

I sat with him for hours; his breathing was raspy and labored
As I spoke of times and places we’d been, and people he had favored.
He couldn’t speak but squeezed my hand to show that he was listening,
And when I stood at last to leave, his tired eyes were glistening.

I said I’d come the next morning and be with him all day,
But with the light of the early dawn, John’s spirit slipped away.
He’d lived among the Indians and been a Mountain Man,
And he welcomed his crossing over as exploring a new land.

To some the world seems poorer with Navajo John’s passing on,
But he left us richer for knowing him, so he’s never really gone;
The ride back home passed quickly, as mile after mile,
I heard John’s laughter in the wind and felt his joyful smile.

©Copyright 2006 BostonJohnDoucette

Another good one!
Thanks BJD.

John,  I made that ride last year.  Thanks

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Marshal Will Wingam:
Truly outstanding. Thanks.

BJD, Poppa John has to be smiling and laughing at us, now.  He made us laugh, cry, shoot and still he was the best friend, we coulda asked for.  You outdid yourself on this one.  Remember this one-" Dave, are you among the living?".  We are living, each a littlle bit smarter, for having known him.  Safety meeting commences at 6:30pm.   ;) 


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