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Re: H&R "officer's model" trapdoor
« Reply #20 on: February 15, 2022, 06:33:04 PM »
Look forward to seeing it.
You should have seen one of the first ones I got, back when I was a kid.  Some yayhoo had spraypainted it gold, with glitter.  I dunked the whole rifle in Zipstrip before I could get the action open!   ;D 

Quick survey of this one before test-firing: Probably 1887 production, by the serial number.  Block is 1873 ("1878"-ish stamp), 1879 rear sight, will probably want to replace the front sight to get elevation worked out.  Bore looks good, crown looks OK, muzzle not beaten-up.  Will probably replace the cleaning rod retainer.  Alloy firing pin, ejector a bit sluggish but not sure if that is a spring issue or just grunge (or paint!) buildup.  Stock is OK but the finish--probably poly--needs to be rubbed back.  And the PO spraypainted the inside of the action. . . .

Before scrubbing off the black paint and breaking out the pure gum spirits of turpentine to get the bore clean (and keeping in mind my luck lately with bent barrels) I ran a box of factory ammo through it.  I haven't shot a trapdoor offhand for years, so that was fun!  It took 3 shots to get the elevation, then I put 10 rounds on a 6" gong at 100 yards, then plinked the rest of the box away. 

I'll have to see how it does with carbine loads loaded with BP, but this one might be OK til I get (or build) the Trapdoor Of My Dreams. 
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