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Title: April 16,2022 Division of Indiana Muster
Post by: DEL56 on March 30, 2022, 07:01:53 AM
Attention! It's getting warmer and time to load up your ammo and head to the range. Wanted to inform everyone that the Division of Indiana will be hosting their first Must of 2022 on April 16. We will be running three skirmishes and a Precision shoot. The round count will be 50 rifle and 30 pistol. Hoping to see some of you from other Units around and outside of Indiana come and enjoy our Muster. We have nice range in the woods and enjoy hosting as many of you as possible.
Title: Re: April 16,2022 Division of Indiana Muster
Post by: DEL56 on April 08, 2022, 11:43:17 AM
Attention Everyone!

Our upcoming Division of Indiana GAF Muster shoot is scheduled for April 16, 2022. We have spent some time getting the targets set up and will as normal have three skirmish runs. We will also have a precision Rifle & Pistol match as well. The round count for everything is 40 rifle and 32 pistol, not counting your misses. Sorry the round count previously posted was wrong on my part.

We will begin registration at 9:00 AM and begin shooting by 9:45. The first skirmish will begin down past the long range shooting area and we will work out way back to the parking lot. The parking lot area near the berm is where we will hold the precision matches. So don’t park to close to that area unless you want us to stick targets on your vehicle. Moving targets, that might be interesting. I have planned something new for this Muster and I am hoping everyone will enjoy ithe challenge. Let’s have lots of shooters show up. If anyone is not familiar with where our range is and you would like to come, just email or PM me and I will send you directions. Take care and God bless!

One in Christ,
Dewayne Liebrandt
Colonel of the Atlantic Division of GAF