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Title: GAF sidematch
Post by: Quick Fire on May 16, 2006, 09:41:04 PM
Sunday May 14th at the range of the Blue River Regulators, an NCOWS posse, I sponsored 6 GAF sidematches after the main stages were shot. Unfortunately,due to foul weather and the fact that it was Mothers Day, we had a poor turnout.In fact I was the only GAF member to show up. However we did have nine other shooters stay for the sidematches, even though they were not GAF members. I let them all know what the GAf is about and hopefully some of them will join us. Anyway all of the sidematches had a Victorian military background and I was fortunate enough to win two of them. As a side note September 10th the Blue River Regulators will hold their 2nd annual 9/11 shoot. All six stages will be military based and their will be One big GAF sidematch after the main stages are finished.Terry Lane,Commander of Scouts for the Missouri Division and I will be in charge of this. We want to put all GAF members in one posse and shoot Working Cowboy Class, which is two guns, a rifle and revolver. So please make plans to attend if you are in driving distance.
Title: Re: GAF sidematch
Post by: US Scout on May 17, 2006, 06:55:38 AM
Quick Fire,

Well done on an outstanding first effort and I'm happy to see that you are planning to do it again - hopefully with a better turnout.  This is something that can be repeated by others at their local CAS clubs/posses. 

By including some side-matches or even an occasional stage in another outfit's match, we can demonstrate that the GAF is not in competition against NCOWS or SASS, but offers a fun and challenging alternative to the usual CAS shoots. 

US Scout
GAF, Commanding