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Grease on a 1911

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Quiet Burp:
Hi all,

I bought some tubs of (Heavy, Medium & Light) of Brian Eno's 'Slide Glide'.

Anyone have a link to a video or can explain when you've cleaned a 1911 where to oil and grease?

Much appreciated.

Every place that slides or has contact with another piece of metal. No need to over lubricate just use a quality lube and remember it is to protect pieces that contact each other.

Boggus Deal:
Only places I put grease is the sear/hammer interface and where the disconnector spring leaf rides on the disconnector. Everything else gets a light oil.


Jack Spade:
Once I started lubing my 1911 like they show here it has ran 100% reliably with no hiccups.

Quiet Burp:
Thanks all.


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