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Thoughts on BAMM rifles?

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Doc Holloman:
Our club shoots a BAMM match 3-4 time a year, and nearby clubs also shoot it periodically.  I've been trying different rifles and am still going back and forth which one works best for me.  Looking for other folks opinions and experiences;

Parameters:  SASS/WB BAMM rules apply.  Original caliber 1945 or earlier (no Israeli 7.62 Mausers or Indian 7.62 Enfields). 
Lead bullets only (Gas checks OK).  1400 fps max.
Our BAMM course of fire is 10 rounds offhand at Cody Dixon targets (50-60 yards), reloads on the clock, and 5-10 rounds from the bench at targets out to 150 yards (limited by our range-- one local club shoot BAMM to 200 yards.)  Again, reloads on the clock.

I have tried using USMC M1903, M1903A3, M1917, and Enfield No. 4.   Each has their pluses and minuses.  I reload both 30-06 and .303.  All work fine for me in the offhand phase of our  match (went 10 for 10 with the M1917 yesterday).  From the bench I get the best sight picture with the M1917, but the lack of windage adjustment has been problematic. it also groups the worst of the four. The rear sight on the M1903 is the hardest for me to use with my old eyes.   I have other BAMM legal rifles in my safe: 98 Mausers, Arisakas, MAS-36) but ammo is an issue for them.  I stupidly sold my Swedish M38 a few years ago.

So what are folks preferences and experiences with BAMM rifles.

Major 2:
Your Club is after my own heart, sadly a bridge too far I suspect.
 I have several BAMM Milsurps, I suppose my favorite is my 03 followed by my SMLE NO.1 MK.III*.
Thy Smelly might have an advantage. with its 10-round capacity.
I have Krag's (carbine & a constellatory) and I do shoot them pretty well, but the 5-round and non-stripper clip box would be a disadvantage. My Artillery Berthier's 3-round Em-Bloc also would be out of the mix.
I had a Spanish 1916 Mauser converted to 308 and a suspected Lend Lease Eddystone M1917 w/ import marking, but I allowed them to go to new owners. 

So, my issue is no likeminded folk in my haunts. I do embrace the BAMM idea, but the closest I'm aware of is Baltimore Ed's Club Outer Banks North Carolina @ about 800 miles  :(   

I load for 30'06, 303, 30/40 and the Lebel. (Berthier)
I sold the 308 dies with the Span. Mauser.

Sadly, I like to talk the talk, but I walk the walk.... alone.  ::)

Where are these BAMM shooting events?


Doc Holloman:

--- Quote from: Galen on July 30, 2023, 03:22:29 PM ---Where are these BAMM shooting events?

--- End quote ---

The Texican Rangers shoots BAMM (if the members express interest) after their 5th Saturday Wild Bunch match. There is also a BAMM side match at their annual Comancheria Days match.
The Tejas Caballeros incorporate BAMM into their monthly Long Range match (Sunday after the 3rd Saturday).
The Texas Riviera Pistoleros shoot BAMM in their quarterly Long Range match.(5th Sundsay)

Thank You!


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