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For those new to AZSA (Zoot Shooting) who may wonder how Zoot Shooting is different from standard CAS shooting (besides the more modern clothing and guns) the following is a brief outline from one of AZSA's board of directors.

For additional information you may also see http://www.zootshooters.com/

--- Quote from: Bat 2919 on August 23, 2012, 09:23:19 AM ---...It's not that different from Cowboy shooting.  Safety first, followed by FUN.  

The major differences are:

We do have a lot of movement so be sure of your muzzle direction and don't violate the 180.

We load at a loading table but we unload on the line under the RO's supervision.

You can shoot at a target as many times as you want to until you hit it or on paper targets until you’re happy with your hits.

You can load as many rounds as you want to and abandon guns (if their safe and pointed in a safe direction) and move on to others.

You don't have to stand in one place and shoot.  You can be moving and shooting at the same time (but don't have to) and will have the opportunity to do this with all three guns at this match.  Just be sure your finger is outside the trigger guard when you’re moving and not actually shooting.

We have pistol only and rifle and pistol shooting categories.  You will still engage the long gun targets with the guns you do have and many (but not all) times you will have an option of using rifle or pistol to engage the shotgun targets.  Any time you’re engaging a long gun (rifle or shotgun) target with a hand gun you can use a two hand hold if you wish to.

You’re not required to carry guns or ammo on your person (many ladies in dresses don't) they can all be staged where ever you wish in the capper.  We provide barrels and tables for this purpose and the shooter can move the barrels around to make this possible as long as no safety issues are observed like the chance you may put a gun down on one of the barrels and then run in front of it later in the caper.

I’m sure you’ll find a few more minor differences but refer back to my first statement, safety first followed by FUN.

G Man

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Bat 2919 on June 09, 2014, 11:20:22 AM ---Just a quick note about costumes for the Zoot match.  In an attempt to keep it from becoming a military reenactment sport (not that I think that’s bad) Hustler prohibited all military uniforms.  I convinced him to revise that to allow military uniforms if they had a relationship to the prohibition era.  Some examples would be Coast Guard, RCMP or Mexican Federalies.  If you want to wear a 20s or 30s uniform please be creative with your back story. 

On the other hand AZSA costumes are really easy.  Just about any Good Will store (you may have to hit more than one) will provide most everything you need.  A bit oversized suit (single or double breasted, with or without a vest, the wider the lapels the better) will be great.  If you’re going to wear a tie with that suit remember to tie it short so it ends at about mid stomach.
How about knickers, very popular in the 20’s and not just for golf but that’s a great AZSA costume as well.  If you can’t find knickers any loose fitting pants bloused just below the knee with a big rubber band will give you the look.  Hang them from a pair of suspenders (even I can sew buttons on a pair of pants) and you’re good to go. 

Button up shirts and sweaters were popular but t shirts weren’t.  As a matter of fact what the kids today call a “wife beater” was the t shirt style of choice in that time but it was also rare for someone to go out of the house in just this shirt. 
Everyone wore a hat and the first thing everyone thinks about is the fedora, but remember, the snap brim (driver style) hats were almost as popular.  In the west the cowboy hat never gave way to the fedora.  How about a straw boater or skimmer, this was the summer time hat of choice for many a man in the 20s and 30s.

Hope that helps.

--- End quote ---


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