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Marshal Halloway:

Web: http://www.zootshooters.com/

Bat 2919:

Thank you for coming out to film the 1st Precinct (Sand Creek Raiders) 2011 AZSA World Championship at the Colorado Rifle Club.  I'm looking forward to seeing the web feature about this match when it comes out on the Down Range TV web site.

Gangster Action Shooting may not be cowboy but it sure is just as much fun to shoot, give it a try, you may just find you like it.

G Man
AZSA #11

Evelyn Canarvon:
I have been hankering to try out the Zoot shooting and think it is wonderful to have a forum here as well.
Alright I already see some saything not Cowboy well maybe but at heart wild doings in the cities and counrtyside of the 1920s.

Sure hope more clubs (joints or whatever) get started.

I picked up a Thompson semi and though a bit of a struggle at first to pull that heavy bolt back got the technique down.
Personally, wish Wild Bunch would allow it as well (did come out in 1917 sort of).

Anything else to dress up and have fun is all good.


The Hustler:
Two great feature stories about the AZSA...

The Wall Street Journal...


npr (that's right, npr)...


Glad to see you found us here! I tried to find a way to post a message to everyone on the AZSA site to let everybody know about this forum but got sidetracked. Maybe you can post a note so that the membership can join us here.


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