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Capt. John Fitzgerald:
Well, we seem to have covered the FIRST duty pistol subject pretty well and it looks like just about all of us have gone through several pistols during our various careers.  Now, out of all the different guns we have carried, which one(s) was your favorite?

For down and out tack-driving accuracy, I would have to go with the S&W 6" model 686 (at least the one I had).  Alway qualified as expert, but with that 686 I qualified distinguished.  I suppose I should mention that it wasn't quite an "out-of-the-box" gun.  I did have the action worked on a bit. 

Jon Spurlock:
Yep, I loved my 686 too.  It handled very well, and functioned flawlessly.  As a detective I carry a Glcok 27, and its not bad at all.

i never had to carry a pistol but i thought i would post this. several year ago i bought a s&w mod. 10 that was made up for the hong kong police. i don't know what they did to those pistols but i can't miss with it. i own several other 38 pistols but this mod. 10 just doesn't miss. its my all around favorite plinker pistol. have put several thousand rounds threw it and it jst keeps going.  gotzguns



I shot better with several revolvers over the years; ( on the range) but I never stopped carrying my series 70 Gold Cup. It served me well , and I was very comfortable with it. Now it sits in the secure location waiting for my grandson when my wife decides he's mature enough... It was a fine gun.

Gosh that's an easy question.  My 1978 production Colt SAA, .45 Colt 4-3/4".  Carried almost everytime I was mounted.  Never felt undergunned.  Probably was, but...
When on regular duty, I liked both my Model 65 S&W and Colt Combat Commander.  Would hate to make a choice between those two.


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