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If You Could Be a LEO in the Old West, Who Would You Be?

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Texas Lawdog:
That's easy!  A member of the Texas Rangers.

James Butler Hickok. He tamed the streets of Abilene with only 3 deputies and over 5,000 drunken trailhands. HIs methods were pretty direct, albiet, occassionally overtly strong!! His days in Hays City were equally effective in a pretty tough town.

Dave T:
Found this old thread and reading through it made me think of my favorite old west lawman. Most of you probably never heard of Jeff Milton but if you can find a copy of his biography,A Good Man with a Gun and wade through the writing style (the prose is dated) you'll learn of a man who started as a Texas Ranger and ended his career as a Customs Line Rider on the Arizona border. Someone should make a movie of this man's life.



Frank Hamer is one I tend to admire.

I have always looked up to the Texas Rangers, J. R. Waller's Company "A"  :D


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