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If You Could Be a LEO in the Old West, Who Would You Be?

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Crooked Creek Kid:
Back then you carried your backup on your hip.  I have always enjoyed reading about the marshalls in Judge Parkers court.  Who would you be?

Don't know that the 'Hangin' Judge' had one like me.  I'd wanna be the one what had a small office down from the court house.  There, folks would tell me 'bout crooked marshals 'n I'd look into it.  99% of the time the marshals were right, they weren't crooked and I proved it.  The 1% I did my level best to get rid of.

Eight years werkin' IA as the XO.  Hated every minute.  The most important thing I did in thirty two years.  Go back again in a heartbeat if called to do so.  Retired from there.

Back on a part time basis, 'n workin' in another division, I had dealings with my replacements this mornin'.  In my old office.  I must say I'm damned proud of 'em.  They're pros in every sense of the word. They run on pride and integrity.  My staff is gone.  They carry on.

Them folks would have had a hell of a time in the lawless west.  I'd want to be with 'em, shoulder to shoulder.

Mustang Gregg:
Always pondered Wyatt Earp as my LEO hero.


Coal Creek Griff:
I've always thought that Bill Tilghman was worth looking up to.

Forty Rod:
I want to be the one who died at age 104, buck nekkid, with a pretty girl on each arm.


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