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Anyone still make quality cowboy coffee pots?

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Iron City Sage:
I’ve been looking for an old school pot to hang over the fire. All the ones I can find are cheap, thin, and not really suitable for regular high heat use. Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks!

Never mind-I see someone posted a coffee thread below, I will ask there and continue that thread, sorry can’t figure out how to delete this one, my bad!


River City John:

Iron City Sage:
Thanks, those look good but I’m looking for an enamel steel heavy duty pot that can be hung over the fire. Didn’t see quite what I’m looking for there. But lots of other good stuff, thanks,


You can find them on ebay, or check out local auctions, antique stores, etc.  I use one I got from my Grandpa.

Ranch 13:


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