NCOWS National Shoot-June 7-10 Parker Kansas

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Hi all,
Finally have all the confirmations in.   KVC is proud to host the NCOWS National Shoot for 2023!   Dates are June 7-10 at the Parker Kansas Range.   

Long Range- June 7
Side Matches - June 8
Main Match -June 9-10 with a banquet to follow.     

I will get the details to Johnny to update the Website and then the Registration can begin.   Hope to see you all there!


ira scott:
Thanks to Marshall Mo, and the KVC for hosting the National Shoot again!

B.N. Scotty

bear tooth billy:
I see on the long range rules that your seat can only be 7'' I'm pretty sure
that last year it was 12''. 7'' my knees will be at my shoulders, any reason
for this change? I guess I've never been to a shoot that measured the height of
your seat.



I will check on the seat height.    I remember seeing that when I was pulling all of it together.

Hi All,
I have clarified the seat height.  For the NCOWS Long Range, 12 inch seats are acceptable.  The Range location has updated their rules for Long Range SASS and have gone with 7 inches, but we are sticking with 12 inches or shorter.   Higher than 12 inches is a procedural.   



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