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Favorite TV police show

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Wiley Desperado:
1984-5-6 right in there somewhere, every week night 11:30 pm had to watch Barney Miller.  Loved that squad room setting, our squad room had characters that would have fit right in.  Hill Street Blues, was great... should have been able to log in-service training points for watching that one. What were (are) your favorites???     

California Lawdawg:
Barney Miller, Hill Street Blues and Adam 12.


FloraBama Kid:
"Dragnet" and "Car 54 Where are you".


Texas Lawdog:
Gotta be Dragnet with Jack Webb, and of course Adam 12. My name really is Jim Reed :) ;) ;D 8) ::)

Dragnet and Adam 12. After that I watch Law and Order. I love how the ADA's go out and investigate the case. Anyone know of an ADA that would do that???
Around here they just call the detective in and have him do it!!
PS Sometimes ya have to remember that DA's are Attorneys too :-X


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