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Joyce (AnnieLee):

Are you a Ruger shooter? Do you think that Rugers Are the Toughest Sixguns? Do you want to be one of the noble RATS?

Then put your request here, and if you shoot the Holy Black through those tank-like firearms, say so and become a DIRTY RAT!

Please include your state, country or territory.



El Paso Pete:
Guess that makes me a DIRTY RAT. ;D ;D

Joyce (AnnieLee):
Howdy, El Paso Pete! I've updated the list so DIRTY RATS will be in bold text.



Pick ME!! Rugers only 5 years and counting.  ;D I wanna be a RATS dadburnit!!

Joyce (AnnieLee):
Whooo doggie, John Boy does such a fine job of welcoming new WartHogs, I don't know if I should even attempt to follow his example!

Besides, how do I say that Stagecoach came riding in on his horse? But he did, and he loves his Rugers, so welcome to the RATS hole, Stagecoach! You are RATS # 107!




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