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What do you do as an LEO??

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Rosco MacGRUFF:
Ive been poking around the site now for a couple of weeks and was wondering what do you do or did you do as an LEO? Patrol, Detective,Gangs, etc.
Im in Patrol now as the FTO and spent 2.5 years as a Detective.

Nov. ’70 – Oct. ’72 Communications.
Oct. ’72 – Dec. ’74 Patrol
Dec. ’74 – Jan. ’80 K-9
Jan. ’80 – April ’84 Patrol ‘n promoted again
April 84’ – July ’88 Detective Division
July ’88 – April ’94 XO, Internal Affairs Division
April ’94 – July ’01 Detective Divison.  Final assignment, Fraud/Forgery Section supervisor ‘n Admin. Sergeant.
July ’01 – Oct. ’02 XO, Internal Affairs Division.
Oct. ’02 – Retired - unemployed bum.

Took part time last year doin’ background investigations on applicants.  Job wasn’t funded for this year.  Unemployed bum again.

Baron von Haltomstadt:
I spent 4 years as a patrol officer, 9 years as a motor officer, and now have 17 as a chief. I started over 30 years ago, but took 3 months off after my first retirement in Dec 2001. April 14 will mark my true 30th anniversary of actual days employed.


Utah Bob:
Before I retired I did Captain stuff. Now I do whatever my wife tells me to do. ;D

Texas Lawdog:
I started in 1970 on Patrol, until 1977, Promoted to Detective 1977, Acting Chief 1978-1979, back on Patrol until 1984, went to Sheriff's Dept 1984- Present(Corrections, Civil Process, Criminal Warrants). Present assignment as Extradition Officer since 1986. I hope to retire in 3-4 years from my present assignment.


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