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Armi Sport Magazine Tube issue
« on: September 17, 2021, 12:15:57 PM »
I came across a situation that a friend of a fellow shooter is having. He is unable to chamber a cartridge in his Armi Sport 45 Schofield Spencer. After a few hours tinkering with the Spencer, including trying various OAL’s, I think we found the problem. However, a solution still needs to be found.

The problem is the magazine tube. From the parts lists that we have (Armi Sport and Chiappa), it is not the correct one. When I put in the magazine tube from my 44 Russian (which by the way, from the parts list is the same for the 45 Schofield), the 45 Schofield Spencer would lever and feed. Now the solution would be to get the correct magazine tube but, per Taylors, they are not available. We might be able to modify the magazine tube that is in the 45 Schofield Spencer. I will discuss some ideas with a local gunsmith as soon as I can.

 Some details:

The magazine tube in the 45 Schofield Spencer is 14 inches long with an aluminum follower. A round will not feed with this magazine tube fully installed. (This magazine looks like the one in the parts schematic for the 45 Colt / 44-40 Spencer).

It is also sleeved:

The 44 Russian magazine tube is 13 1/4 inches long with a different style follower with a rubber tip. Its overall length is slightly longer than the magazine tube currently in the 45 Schofield.

Th 44 Russian magazine tube is not sleeved and has a taper at the end.

Apparently, the magazine tube in the 45 Schofield Spencer constrains the cartridge too much at the receiver and it cannot align to be placed properly in the lower block to be chambered.

We pulled the 45 Schofield magazine tube out about an inch which would remove the constraint on the cartridge and the Spencer would lever so we feel that this proves that the constraint is the problem.

Anyone have any suggestions? (Or maybe have an extra 44 Russian / 45 Schofield magazine tube laying around?)

There is more information and pictures on the SASS wire:

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