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I posted this in last months thread, but then the month ended, so if Y'all didn't see it...

I went to an Estate sale for a friend that passed away about 2 months ago, He was a long time reloader, I was able to pick up an unopened 25 Lb. bag of #9 shot, 150 rounds of 9mm Ball ammo, 100 Rounds of .38 special 110gr +P+ jacketed controlled expansion rounds(Law enforcement only) 4 boxes of match grade .22 LR a box of 10 CCI .38/.357 Shot shells, a speedloader for a S&W J-Frame and a Savage Arms Four Tenner shotgun adapter for the low price of $146.00 I have to go back Saturday to help them price some remaining items, There is a good sized box of new .45 Colt brass there,I'm guessing maybe 400 + pieces.
1860 Henry / Re: Uberti Henry Carbine
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 10:05:06 AM »
1860 Henry / Re: Uberti Henry Carbine
« Last post by KWK on Today at 09:22:09 AM »
It is in fact a TRAPPER.  One of six.

Really? They made only 6 of them? I had one of the 44 at my house for evaluation. It was from Dixie (excellent people to deal with). QC was, ah, not all that I had hoped, and I sent it back. The factory web site no longer catalogs that length, but I've handled an 18.5" at Taylor's. As I recall, Madis reckoned 20" was the only stumpy to be found among the originals and only as an experiment. Shoulder an original '66 carbine at an auction house and it's easy to feel why the Henry didn't last long.
Good morning all, coffee's hot here too. 51 and foggy here, gonna get up to a cloudy and windy 61. Day off from work today, may go run to Harbor Freight and use some coupons.
Zoot Shooters / Slang from the 20s
« Last post by DeaconKC on Today at 08:45:33 AM »
Brent McKay published this on the Art of Manliness. Here are some no longer used slang terrms from the 20s:
Big house. Federal prison.

Bird. Person, either male or female, but frequently female.

Bite an egg. Take breakfast.

Blow. To leave.

Bo. Generic address; guy; jack; pal.

Booby-hatch. Mental hospital.

Bull. Cop.

Butter and egg man. Sugar daddy; implication is one fairly free with his money.

Buttons. Cops.

Buzzer. Police badge; identification.

C-note. Hundred-dollar bill.

Chicago overcoat. Coffin.

Chiseler. Low-life; hanger-on; somebody chiseling money from others.

Dance on air. Hang, as from a noose.

Darb. A person with money, who can be relied upon to pay a check.

Dead soldier. Empty liquor bottle.

Deadpan. Bodyguard; tough guy; gunny with a sheen of respectability.

Dip the bill. To have a drink.

Dish. Attractive woman.

Draw a lot of water. To have a lot of influence; to exert great influence.

Drop the arm. Arrest; nab; apprehend; snatch.

Dry-gulch. To ambush; surprise; sneak attack or attack from behind.

Dumb onion. A fool; dupe; idiot.

Dust. Take a hike; get lost; drift.

Fakeloo artist. Conman; faker; liar; pretender; deceiver.

Fin. $5 bill.

Flatfoot. Detective; shamus.

Flim-flam: Dupe; deceive; trick; take in.

Floaters. Corpses in the water; people dead by drowning.

Fog. Riddle someone with bullets.

Gat. Gun.

Gee. Man; fellow.

Gill. A drink.

Go fry a stale egg. Get lost; go jump in a lake.

Goose-berry lay. Stealing clothes from clotheslines.

Gumshoe. Detective/private dick/PI/etc.

Gunny. Hired gun; thug.

Gunsel. Hired gun.

Hackie. Taxi driver.

Hard boy. Tough guy; bodyguard; hired thug.

Hard number. Tough guy.

Hay. Useless scrip/fake bills/etc.

Heel. Jerk; low life; scumbag.

Heeled. Packing; carrying a gun.

How’s tricks? A greeting, akin to “How’s it going?”

Jake [also jakeloo]. Fine; okay; acceptable; no big deal.

Jasper. Man; handsome fellow.

Keyhole peeper. Detective/private dick/PI/etc.

Loogan. A guy with a gun.

Lug. A guy; generic address for a man; connotation of thick-headedness or limited ability/usefulness; not necessarily connoting goon, thug.

Lulu. A good-looking woman.

Make with the feet. Get lost; scram.

Mauler. Brass knuckles.

Mickey Finn (mickey). A surreptitiously adulterated drink (or the drug added to the drink to make it so) given to somebody for the purpose of rendering them insensible or unconscious.

Miscount the trumps. To overlook something.

Moll. Gangster’s girlfriend/woman/partner.

Mugg. A man (sometimes referring to dumb ones), guy, person; possible connotation of not being entirely on the up-and-up.

Muggle-smoker/muggle. Pothead; druggie.

Nevada gas. Cyanide.

Newshawk. Reporter.

No soap. No luck.

Nuts to you. Go to hell (mild).

Pie-eyed. Very drunk.

Piker. Amateur; small-time operator.

Polish an apple: Talk up; chat up; suck up to.

Prowl car. Police car.

Real cream. A good person.

Rodded. Carrying a gun (rod).

Rooster. Man who picks a fight, or somebody who carries himself like a rooster; confrontational.

Sap. Fool; fall-guy; love-struck sucker.

Sawbuck/double sawbuck. 10 dollars/20 dollars.

Shamus. Detective/private dick/PI/etc.

Sharper. Detective; private operator.

Sitting on dynamite. In the crosshairs; in the middle of a (figuratively) explosive situation.

Slip (one’s) clutch. Losing it.

Smart little egg. A fool; dupe; idiot.

Sneezer. Jail.

Squibbed (off). Killed.

Stool-pigeon. Rat; fink; an informant; criminal who talks to the cops.

Take a flutter (at something). To make a passing attempt.

Twist. Woman, with possible connotation of girlfriend, or somebody seen on the side.

Typewriter. Machine-gun.

What’s the score? What’s going on; what’s up; etc.

World-beater. Somebody better than the rest; capable of taking on the world; a person in high esteem.

Yard. One hundred dollars.
The Darksider's Den / Re: Arbor Length in Late model Uberti 1861 Navy
« Last post by 45 Dragoon on Today at 08:09:54 AM »
  Yes, that is what happens when the wedge is the "referee" between two assemblies fighting each other!! When the barrel assy is held "with great tension" against the end of the arbor, it's a mechanical connection that allows the assemblies to react together as a single unit. 
  In about 1977 I found percussion revolvers  ( already was into rifles) and bought a brass Remington.  Wasn't till early '80's I saw  an open-top revolver and have been "smitten" ever since!!  Just like you, I loaded full loads and crammed a ball or conical in and commenced to maiming wedges on a regular basis!!! Especially with Walkers / Dragoons  .  .  .   You'll also see material upset at the rear of the wedge slot in the barrel assy. 
  Correcting the arbor length and setting close tolerances  makes for an amazing platform capable of rather surprising ability!!
   Thanks to Larson Pettifogger's articles a lot of folks understand the problem and the fix!! I just wish the 90° test thing had never been mentioned.  It's lead to so many folks thinking their's is right when it's not .  .  .  the removal of material just to perform a test that is pretty predictable  .  .  .  (a thin little washer dropped  in the arbor hole  will tell you if it's short or not with no need to twist  .  .  .).  A "witness mark" will tell the same.

Gunsmithing / Re: 11 degree forcing cone reaming kit
« Last post by Coffinmaker on Today at 08:07:10 AM »

 :) Well  ;)

A fair rule of thumb is to cut the Forcing Cone so it extends back to the original cut at the Breach of the Barrel Bore.  All we are trying to do is align the projectile for its trip thru the Tunnel after all.  I don't think I have ever seen a reference stating the forcing cone should be X and Such thou deep. 
Morning y'all.
Coffee, tea and eggnog are ready.

'Tis 12 and overcast. High of 35.

Bird Cage Theatre ( Videos ) / Re: How Lever Action Rifles Are Made!
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 07:40:20 AM »
I've seen this before, but It's still fascinating. thanks for posting I watched it again.
When I was but a sprout, I was told " as you get older, time fly's by faster"
 In my teens, some class minutes seemed like eternity.

Now, I know it's true time does indeed FLY.

Dec 1. is/was my Dad & Mom's wedding anniversary, Today would be their 94th.   :)

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