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USFA Serial Number Questioning

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Can’t help with your specific question.
However I have an all blue single action with a 5 1/2 barrel with SN 118937. It also has an extra cylinder chambered for 45acp. It was made in the late nineties.
Probably an Uberti parts gun but a fine six gun.

Gun K1n6:
Very interesting…..
The second gun for sale from the same estate is also a Bisley 7.5” barrel with with SN 20302 which would not be 100% USA.
So if purchased around the same time this may make some sense.
Still no explanation on why some guns have 6 digits.
They may be very early guns???

what would you say:
The serial is custom as the rest of the gun is I believe.

I’ve got a fair sampling in my brace of Bisley models.   
Two are typical 5 digit serials in the 27xxx range that flow with the standard single action serials.
One is a custom serial that’s initials and my dad’s birth year ..   NC1948
And another that’s a six digit 315xxx

So any guns serial could be about as unique as one wanted it to be if they’re choosing to pay for one, or the otherwise just the standard 5 digit.   I’ve had  several that have come and gone that were standard 5 digit serials. 

There's another 6 digit Bisley on Gun Broker. It looks like a Uberti  parts gun to me. Too bad , I've been looking for a US made one for years

Gun K1n6:
Gun Broker has a 5 digit SN late production NIB 5 1/2” Bisley 45 Colt if your willing to pay $5k.



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