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New member USFA Input please


Greetings. New member here.  I hope this is not a forbidden first post.

I am hoping there are some USFA experts here that can help me with something.

I have two USFA revolvers that I purchased from USFA. I am getting ready to retire and will likely sell these at some point in the near future as I begin to liquidate things I have picked up over many years driving the back roads around here.

The first I special ordered from USFA directly. It was a model called the Double Eagle. 3.5" birdshead, CCH in 45LC with a fitted 45acp cylinder as well. It is from 2010 so I am assuming it is all US made. I know the box is marked "100% American Made" but I am sure the date is more telling. I had them engrave my initials on the shovel so it is marked custom on the box, and I have the order paperwork stating as such.

The second is an all deep blue 4 5/8" 12/22 22lr 12 shot. White grip panels. It was ordered from USFA through my dealer, but nothing custom about it. It was IIRC later the same year. I am certain it was later than the Double Eagle.

The Double Eagle is unfired, the 12/22 has had 2 cylinders fired, cleaned gently, and put away.

Both have boxes, bags, paperwork, all pretty much pristine. They have been sitting in my safe for about 10 years.

I am interested in anything anyone can tell me, especially on the DE, as I assume there are not a lot of these. I have only seen one other for sale, but then I am not looking for them much either.

Not ready to sell just yet, but soon, and trying to get a handle on value from whatever sources I can find.

Thanks in advance for anything you can help me with folks.

Nocebo nulli sine causa. Non mihi nocebitur impunite.

Gun K1n6:
The Double Eagle is rare.
I’ve seen two for sale in the last 12 months and if I recall the prices were $3500 & $4000. One had CC/DB & nitre blue small parts and black hard rubber grips. The other had CC/DB and wood grips.
I’m interested if your selling.
Good luck.

Soon.  I will be selling them for certain.  I need to decide how to price, and take some good pictures.  Thanks


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