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Good Grief!

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Dave T:
Just ran across this on GB:  https://www.gunbroker.com/item/921246458

I have a Pre-War Model, 4-3/4" 45 Colt with a black powder frame and the better bluing than this one.  Makes me wonder if I should be shooting it at all, let alone with that dirty old, corrosive black stuff. LOL

What on earth has gotten into people that they would ask this kind of price for these admittedly fine firearms.  Push comes to shoving, they are still just guns, and contemporary ones at that.  What is this crazy world coming to?


Yikes!  No bids (of course).  This is the seller's only current listing.  Perhaps he thinks that relisting it later for half that price will make people think it is a bargain???   :o

Major 2:
I guess  " one can ask "  the Moon , it's what it sells for that drives the market...

There was a period of time early in my career at USFA that we stopped doing business with Turnbull. After a short period of time, all was well again but in the mean time, frames and hammers were sent to Classic Guns in Beecher, IL for color case.  Classic used slightly different ingrediants in their process and the frames came back with alot of straw colors, reds, blues, etc.  I could be wrong but this looks like a Classic gun to me and nothing like Turnbull puts out.  There aren’t many Classic guns out there perhaps a few months worth.

All I kept wondering is for the price being asked where are the photos of the other three guns?  I mean for two pair that MIGHT be a reasonable price.



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