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cylinder throat/bore dimensions?

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I've been offered a USFA in trade, and it looks like it might be a good shooter, but...it is NIB, and seller won't even let me try the action, let alone slug the cylinder throats and bore.  Caliber is 44 special.  How did these run for cylinder throat dimensions and bore dimensions?


If I were selling a gun I would not let you slug the cylinder or bore either.

Assuming it's a US made barrel and cylinder, the cylinder throats should be .4305-.4315.  The barrel grove should be .429 and the lands .417.  A .428 barrel was used in a dual cylinder 44 Sp / 44-40

Professor Marvel:
He "ought to" allow you to measure with pin guages and, if you are serious,
Cycle the action carefully in order to ascertain the usual culprits.

I would never buy any pistol that the seller would not allow careful cycling, or
Careful removal of the cylinder.

Slugging is for once you own it.

Your money, your call.

Prof marvel


 :)  PLUS ONE for Pettifogger  :o



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