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The Big Valley Season 1, Episode 25 Single Action


Okay I was watching The Big Valley Season 1, Episode 25 called "Into the widows web" and towards the end of the show, the woman who I believe is Ann Margret playing the widow, is put to the test of being able to shoot a SAA or not.  When she cocks the SAA I spot the hammer which is missing a pinned firing pin.  So I rewind back to that point and screen shoot it with my cell phone.. as I figure they'd be using SAA's of the time era they are in.. is this a blooper?

It would be the Single Action that the sheriff is carrying.

That's a Great Western Revolver, which were VERY common in 1950's and '60's westerns.

SAA's were expensive back then, and the Great Westerns were inexpensive, good quality revolvers that were externally identical to the SAA, so it made sense.  Just like Uberti and Pietta's are used today.  In movies today it's actually rare to see an SAA that's actually a Colt.

DarkLord thank you for the response.  ;D

Found a great pic of it, in this link.


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