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WTS Uniforms
« on: October 24, 2021, 10:02:29 PM »
I've got some odds and ends for sale.  I may be adding to this list if these sell.

1. Civil War Cavalry uniform.

I am about 6'1" 202lbs and I wear a 46L suit and sport coat.  This fits me.  Pants are a bit large...they measure about a 39" waist.  Jacket seems like a wool/poly blend or a very fine grade of wool.  Pants are much lighter.   Uniform was made by an actual military uniform shop.  I burned a t

$85 plus shipping.

2. Second pair of pants for this.  36" waist by measurement.  These are heavy and feel like a nice wool twill. They don't feel like a blend.  32" inseam.

$40 plus shipping.

3.  Medium blue jean pants.  Meant to like like US army M1885 wool pants but cotton.  Size 38x34. 

$30 plus shipping.

Shoot me a message with you email and I will send you the pics.  For some reason, I cannot post the pics and i am too tired to figure it out.




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