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Sketchy deals and USFA guns?


I was recently approached here via a PM asking for info on a number of USFA and USPFA guns by a new member here.  If you get this opportunity let me know and I'll give you the sellers name and location.

He had offered three USFA guns for sale here.  After a week or so of no offers  on the forum here, he asked me if the prices were "fair".   (in retrospect what a perfect mark I seem to be)

I thought the prices were fair enough that I offered him $5200 which was full asking price less $100 as I would pick them up in person so no shipping or  boxing them up required.   Although he first preferred a money transfer via Zelle.  I should have picked up on it then.    Turns out the OP simply kept the guns, if he ever had them, after agreeing to sell them.   Mind you I offered to meet  the seller and drive 500 miles one way and bring cash.  I had made it half way there when he sends an email and tells a story of a "estate sell gone bad".   

Now he tells me each gun is worth at least a thousand more than he first asked in his ad here. (they aren't)
It is a weird world these days selling/buying guns.   I had offered $5.2K.  Went to the bank and collected the funds which was not easy for me, got in the car and prepared to finish the deal, when the seller sends me an email  telling me the sale was off.  Didn't even have the common courtesy to call and tell me after a number of phone calls prior setting up the transaction.

Bottom line?  He still has the guns. (Or just as likely he never had the guns)   He simply changed his mind.  Fair enough.  I value my word.  Some simply don't.   

Funny part or me is now he is telling me just what his guns are worth, that would be double his original asking prices, when he couldn't  sell them here for 1/2 that  ::)

Dang.   ???

Funny part for me, really?  I have a lot of guns by any measure.  I really don't need any more!  But I thought the original prices were fair enough to make a serious (for me) buy in with that kind of money.

I don't care about the money or the guns.  I have enough of both.

What does bother me is I made "a hand shake deal", in the seller's terms, and it wasn't honored.  Then things got sketchier by the moment.

Caveat Emptor!

I doubt he ever had the guns.  You are lucky you did not send money electronically or we would be getting a different sadder story.  Thanks for sharing.


 :)  Nasty Piece of Work  ;)

Anybody wanna bet some poor victim somewhere else sent the Electronic Money ??

Scammers are such Low Life Pond Scum.

People are Still Hazardous to yer Health



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